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Founded: 1933

Founded by: Louis Lunsky

Owner:  Dr. Eric Lunsky

             Dr. Marvin Lunsky

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Mon  10am - 6pm,    Wed   1:30pm - 6pm,  Fri  10am - 3pm(No Doctors)

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Dr. Eric Lunsky

Eric is a graduate of the University of Waterloo's school of Optometry and has been working in the eye care field for over 25 years. He has long made it his policy to take his time with every patient, making certain they understand the current state of their eyes and whatever treatment options are available to them. If requested, he will also offer opinions on the latest movies or any of Toronto's professional sports teams.


Company Profile

Dr. Marvin Lunsky

Dr. Marvin Lunsky has Retired from practising optometry, but he still comes into the office from time to time, usually on Mondays or Saturdays mornings to chat with and entertain the patients. Lastly (though sadly) he is still a passionate Toronto Maple Leafs fan.



     In 1933 Louis Lunsky opened an optometry practice, not long after optometry had become a regulated health profession in Ontario. He offered people in the College St. and Bathurst St. area of downtown Toronto comprehensive eye examinations, glasses and if the mood was right, a joke, which Louis laughed at a lot more than the person he was telling it to.

Eventually Louis was joined by his son, Marvin who continued the family tradition. Twenty-five years later Marvin's son Eric joined the practice and the two remain there to this day.

 Much has changed in the profession of optometry in the past 80 years, with advancements in ocular health assessment, treatment, contact lenses, photorefractive surgery, etc.. So in that way Lunsky Optometry has changed quite a bit too. But the values that guided Louis back then, still remain. We still offer comprehensive eye examinations, taking the time to treat patients the way we'd want to be treated ourselves. And a joke if you're in the right mood.